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My goal is to create a system for accepting donations on a platform similar to Twitch, and I aim to utilize the payment processing service provided by Stripe.

Having conducted numerous searches, I am aware that it is necessary to link an external account for each streamer who wishes to receive donations.

I am unable to include an external account due to the following message:

The provided key ‘rk_live_********************2TSc’ lacks the necessary permissions for this endpoint on the ‘acct_***************d’ account. Despite being a restricted
API key
, the required permissions are unavailable for use by limited keys.

Do I possess the necessary proficiency to operate an “External Account”? Could you lend me a hand with this message, please?


It is not possible to generate restricted external accounts using keys that begin with


and have limited permissions. Instead, you must utilize your secret key that starts with


. You can access this key from your dashboard by visiting:

The link to access your API keys can be found on your Stripe account dashboard at https://dashboard.stripe.com/account/apikeys.

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