Example of Python Code for Reading Text in a Docx File

Alternative approach:
Utilize the method that involves accessing the XML directly, instead of relying on the complex process of unpacking and re-packaging an Open Packaging Convention (OPC) package to make it compatible with Word. This method allows you to bypass the intricate saving details, as they can be handled by a separate tool.


Experiment with this approach and the outcome will be a compilation of every continuous section in the document that falls under the category of



import docx
from docx.shared import RGBColor
def readtxt(filename):
    doc = docx.Document(filename)
    fullText = []
    for para in doc.paragraphs:
        for run in para.runs:
            if run.font.color.rgb == RGBColor(255, 000, 000):
    return fullText
fullText = readtxt('filepath.docx')

Ensure that the correct passing of


is being checked.

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