Error Message in SQL Server due to Invalid Syntax near ‘on’

The MySQL information is provided as follows: To fix the issue, verify that the ‘project’ directory does not include unnecessary or temporary files within the MySQL data directory. I attempted to drop the key and its related FOREIGN KEY constraint, but the outcome remained unchanged.


Being a novice in utilizing
SQL Server
, I encountered an issue that resulted in the appearance of an error.

Error message MSDT_A1 occurred on State 1, Line 2 due to the presence of the keyword ‘on’ in close proximity, as indicated by MSDT_A2.

As you can view in this screenshot



Kindly eliminate the erroneous


that contains an incorrect
char marks
at the end of its statement. Additionally, consider appending this character at the conclusion of



CREATE DATABASE ... /*;*/ ON ......... aa.mdf');
                      ^                        ^
 delete (mandatory) --|    insert (optional) --| 

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