Difficulty in accessing SharePoint site for Owner

Upon revoking the user’s access to the site collection owners group and granting them only read permissions (we tested with contribute permissions as well, and it was successful), they were able to access site permissions and other previously inaccessible areas. As an alternative solution, I regained site owner access to the concealed list of Access Requests, which resolved the issue.


A site owner on SharePoint team site is unable to access the Site Permissions page and is met with an error message upon attempting to do so, as shown in the image below.

It’s strange that even after I grant him permission (tried both contribute and full permissions) to access the requested page upon receiving his request and email, he still receives the same message which prompts us to inform the website administrators.

It is important to note that he has the ability to grant access to
SP location
by adding the names of the intended users in the Open menu of the item.

Upon checking the logs, I noticed that the sole issue or cautionary message I received was.

Non-OAuth request. IsAuthenticated=True, UserIdentityName=0#.w|domainusername, ClaimsCount=37

Any help?

Solution 1:

The issue was resolved by removing the site owner from the site collection owners group and granting them only read permissions. The site owner previously had full permissions on the site collection level and was a member of the Owners group. The site named
level, inheritance
was broken and all site collection groups were deleted. With the updated permissions, the site owner was able to access the site permissions and other locations that were previously inaccessible, even with contribute permissions.

While troubleshooting, we came across a potential issue where permissions could collide if a child site had identical permissions to its parent, and new groups were created while the parent groups were removed. However, we were able to resolve this problem.

Solution 2:

To resolve the issue, I had to restore the site owner’s access to the hidden “Access Requests” list. The reason for the lost permissions is still unclear. To regain access, I navigated to the “Access Requests and Invitations” page and used the Developer Tool to obtain the list GUID. After obtaining the list GUID, I entered it into the address bar and restored access to the Owners group of the site. Detailed instructions with screenshots can be found at https://jennyssharepointtips.wordpress.com/2017/11/08/restore-lost-permissions-to-

Solution 3:

If the site was recently restored, remove the person from the site collection admin and then add them back.

The given link directs to a thread on the Microsoft Developer Network forum, specifically the Office section. The thread discusses a situation where a non-OAuth request has a value of “IsAuthenticated=true” and “UserIdentityName=0w” with 36 claims. The forum category is Apps for SharePoint.

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