Countdown: Should It Be Written as One Word or Two?

For instance, the URL structures of, the link text of “My Leaderboard,” and the title of “Masters Tournament Leaderboard” are examples. To determine the correct term for a timestamp, I consulted two sources that I consider reliable: Oxford Dictionaries, which appears to be associated with the actual university, refers to it as “timestamp,” while Merriam-Webster refers to it as “time stamp.


My company has created a widget that requires a name. This widget, known as
countdown widget
, allows you to set a specific time (such as the upcoming holiday season,
Valentine’s day
) and it will initiate a countdown.

I am very particular when it comes to selecting the name for something. Therefore, which one do you think is the superior option?

An item that counts down can be referred to as either a clock or a timer.

I prefer to use the term “timer” instead of “clock” as the former is suited for measuring time in reverse while the latter is more appropriate for measuring time that is moving forward.

In a clock, time progresses from zero to a specific number, while in a timer, it counts down from a specific number to zero.


In my opinion, both options are acceptable. While it is true that timers typically count down and clocks count up, it is important to note that both can also be used interchangeably for either counting direction.

Countdown Clock
is nicely alliterative.

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