Auto-play disabled for HTML video tag

To resolve the issue, there are two solutions. The first solution involves enclosing the video within a tag as the system may not recognize it as a video, causing it to fail. The second solution is to disable the autoplay function in the video tag.

Solution 1:

To prevent autoplay, it’s best to eliminate the


attribute, as its presence prompts the browser to automatically play the content.

The attribute


in HTML is boolean, however, it should be noted that the values




are not permitted. Instead, if you want to indicate a


value, the attribute should be omitted.

Boolean attributes cannot contain the values “true” or “false”. If the intention is to represent a false value, the attribute should be excluded entirely.

The source should contain the type within it, as illustrated by the following example:


  • The website link provided is related to the markup guidelines for videos as specified by the world wide web consortium.
  • HTML Spec (boolean attributes)

Solution 2:

Modify the code for the video tag to eliminate autoplay. Consider using the following code.

it is 100% working

Solution 3:

Consider including the


in your source tag.

JSFiddle example

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