Altering Font Color in HTML: A Guide – this is the



I have a code that I want to use to alter the font color of a paragraph.


Va', pensiero, sull'ali dorate. Va', ti posa sui clivi, sui coll, ove olezzano tepide e molli l'aure dolci del suolo natal! Del Giordano le rive saluta, di Sionne le torri atterrate. O mia Patria, sì bella e perduta! O membranza sì cara e fatal!...

What measures can I take to display it in different hues?


There are various methods to achieve this. One approach is to select a color from a list of pre-defined options (such as those found on, while another is to specify your own color using a hex code (which can be found at sites like

Inline CSS

Blue inline CSS font

Internal CSS

To format all your specified elements, simply define a style element in the head section.


External CSS

The process is similar to
Internal CSS
, but instead of defining the style in the head section, you link a
CSS file

The most popular approach for CSS styling involves caching the file in the browser, resulting in a decrease in page
load time
. One way to link to the file is by loading a
CSS File

Old depricated way

Blue font


Selfdefined blue text

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