Utilizing CSS with PHP: A Guide

If your goal is to generate CSS using a PHP script, the process is similar to generating HTML. However, if your script generates both HTML and CSS, you can either use a block of code to echo the CSS, or include inline styles within the HTML. You can find helpful information on using PHP in CSS by checking out the link on CSS Variables with PHP. Other questions that may assist you include how to use PHP inside a CSS file and how to run PHP inside CSS.

Solution 1:

Add the following line to


: “You have the ability to accomplish this.

header('Content-type: text/css');

Simply write your code using PHP conventions, including variables and other elements. Since the header has been declared, your PHP code will be interpreted as a CSS file by the browser.

So you could do something like:

.someSelector {
    color: =$color1;?>;
    font-size: =$fontSize;?>;

Solution 2:

Generate CSS automatically using PHP in the


script. To ensure its reliability across various browsers, it is essential to indicate that it is CSS.

/* your CSS here... */

Solution 3:

Since PHP is not considered as markup, it is not possible to apply styles to it unlike CSS which is used for styling markup.

In case you are attempting to utilize a PHP script to display CSS, the approach is similar to displaying HTML.


h1 { text-decoration: underline; }

To generate CSS output from a script that also produces HTML, you have two options: you can either echo a


block as you mentioned in your question, or incorporate inline styles in the HTML you generate.


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