Beginner’s Guide to Utilizing TFS

Our current system involves a developer checking in results from a specific Git branch into our TFS master branch via Git TFS. This step is necessary for copying new changes back into TFS, which then triggers the build scripts. The transition from TFS to Git is underway, and we have found that Git TFS is performing well in this process.



I did manage to
install TFS
on a windows 2003 machine…

i opened the team explorer on that 2k3 machine and made a new project

now i can’t figure out how to conect to use this service from the machines on the network (which have visual studio team edition installed)

basically, i’m thinking TFS is like services like SVN or CVS where each developer has their own copy and finally they commit their work to a server…

please guide me as how to get this working



Solution 1:

connect Visual Studio
to a
Team Foundation Server
machine, go to the Tools menu to access the option to “connect to team foundation server.” Then specify your server name and port name. Check “Creating a Team Project” section under for detailed instructions.

Solution 2:

You need the Team Foundation Client installed on your machine. You’ll find it on the Team foundation server CD.

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